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Thank you to the generous individuals, businesses, and foundations who have pledged and donated to the hospital campaign thus far. Your contributions make it possible to build a new, modern hospital and a healthier Southern Humboldt!

Contributors as of May 9, 2022


Stephen Dazey

Live Oak

Blue Star Gas Company
Green Diamond Resource Co. – Simpson Family Fund
SoHum Healthcare District Staff
Vocality Community Credit Union
Carolyn & Dennis Bourassa
Trent & Tristin Sanders
The Taliaferro Family
Ben & Marcy Wilke
Patricia D. & William B. Smullin Foundation
Grace US Foundation in honor of Hannah & Isaac Maizes
McLean Foundation Fortuna, CA
Monroe Tobin Family Fund at HAF in memory of Monroe & Helen Tobin


The Bushnell Family
Matt & Jenny Rees
The Tenorio-Gregori Family
Christine & Jalmer Berg Foundation
Headwaters Fund
Rose Perenin Foundation

Douglas Fir

Jim & Marie Johnson
Les & Carol Scher
Glen & Corinne Stromstad
Humboldt Area Foundation

Big Leaf Maple

Dr. Roy Baker & Janice Parakilas
Charles & Jan Benbow
The Dimmick Family
Seth Einterz, MD

Tan Oak

Beatrice Anderson
In memory of Alan Ebert
Gill-Summers Family
The Harold & Donna Mendes Family
In memory of Susan O’Sullivan
Douglas Wallace
Humboldt Health Foundation


Benbow Inn
Optima Healthcare Insurance Services
Ther-A-Con Physical Therapy
Patti Butler
Patrick Cleary & Cat Koshkin
Joe Collins & Maggie Carey
Charley Custer & Liz Davidson
Justin Crellin
Jimmy & Lela Friel
David & Sita Formosa in memory of Dr. Jerold Phelps
Shirley Gray in honor of Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice
David Katz & Anne Braak-Katz
Mel & Holly Kreb
Heidi Rupda Lambley
Mike & Cathy Miller
Keith & Patricia Neighbors
Amy Norton
Vimal & Darshana Patel
Tom & Stephanie Perrett
Marna Powell
Patti Rose
Daniel Schulz
Betty Jo Sorensen
Luann Titus & Michael Evans
Jim & Barb Truitt
Somer Wallan
Pattie & Chuck Watson
David Winters
Hans Wurian


David & Carol Ordonez
Jim Quast in memory of Sue Quast
Anil and Anjana Sharma
Christina Huff & Steve Weissbluth
Friends & Family of Peter William Menuez
In memory of David Monschke
Kamelsh & Bharti Patel
Nocona & Emma Jodrey
Ralph Emerson
Jared Rossman
Belle & Fred Baron
Growth Management Center
Nick & Sarah Vogel
In memory of Fred & Patricia Hurlbutt
Kiku Yamada
Milt & Martha Albee
Carolyn Jordan
Kym Kemp
Larry & Darcy Bruckenstein
John & Betsy Viall
Redwoods Abbey, Inc.
Katie McGuire
Aletta Sauer & Worth Reis
Larry & Connie Basquez
Ross & Jesse Huber
Sally & John Biggin
Rich & Susan Thompson

Hour Club

These past and present employees pledged one hour of their wages every 2 weeks to this campaign.
Martha Albee
Chelsea Brown
Sae ChuKau
Mike Egan
Seth Einterz, MD
Jessica Gardner Marino
Susan Gardner
Todd Gregory
Jennifer Gutierrez
Deidre Guy, RN
Judy Hollifield
Hunter Lehnert
Emily Marshall, DO
Jennifer Melvoen
Pepe Olano, Jr.
Constance Paul
Kristen Rees
Matt Rees
Kent Scown
Lora Simone
Mary Spring, RN
Adam Summers
Cindy VanDyken
Rachel Wells
Cheryl Wik, RN


Tia Baratelle
Shannon Baumann
Marie Brown
Linda Candiotti, PA-C
Greg Dupree
Paul Eves
Judy Gallagher, RN
Hannah Gregory
Panda Hagler
Cynthia Hammond
Paul Honsvick, RN
Ron Horn
Jessica Jones
Paul Laceda
Jamie LaFond
Ron Lafferty
Dan Lowrie
Asa Lynne
Margaret Maples
Roshan Purohit
Remy Alexander Quinn
Ariel Rayco
Joe Rial
Naomi Rigby
Debbie Scaife, RN
Tracy Smith in memory of Kristin Irene Smith
Hellen Sperry
Stephanie Thomas
Martje VanWerkum-Glidden Ther-A-Con Physical Therapy
Tanya Villers, FNP
Chris Villers
Guy Vitello
Adelaida Vargas de Yanez, RN
Lula Williams