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Our New Community Hospital

The future of healthcare in Southern Humboldt

Jerold Phelps Community Hospital will no longer meet seismic requirements by 2030. With the support of the community, we are building the facility needed to provide care and services to those in Southern Humboldt.

By working collaboratively with College of the Redwoods and Humboldt County, SoHum Health has purchased the CR site and classroom building in Garberville. It is an ideal site for building a new medical facility, without closing our emergency room or any other services during the process. Our vision is to relocate the existing emergency and acute care departments into a new hospital building on the Sprowel Creek campus that meets licensing requirements, minimizes costs and provides needed medical advancements to Southern Humboldt.

The new campus will include:

We need your help

A Federal loan is available for most of the new hospital and clinic costs, but strong community financial support for the project is a loan requirement. Charitable donations from local residents and foundations will be required to secure this financing.

I support the new hospital because it was at our ER that our daughter, Angie finally received care after many frustrating trips up north waiting hours to be seen.
—Kristi Nicola-Clark
and Roger Clark

The SoHum Health Foundation and its volunteers have started a Capital Campaign to build a new facility and hospital. Philanthropic gifts from community leaders, grants from local charitable foundations and donor-advised funds are being solicited.

Invest in the future of healthcare in Southern Humboldt and make a tax-deductible gift today. Partnering with the Humboldt Area Foundation, we can assist you in making a donation or pledge by using your real estate assets, an IRA or 401(k) retirement fund as well as other forms of giving.

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